About Us


Your Cause Association (Stowarzyszenie Twoja Sprawa) is an organization with a statutory goal to protect interests of consumers. It is a legal entity after it has been registered in the Court Register of Associations under # 319230 on December 8, 2008. Yet before that date members of the Association and their friends took part in various civic...

Why are we doing that?

Many of us have undertaken various initiatives focused on cleaning the public space whenever the broadcasted messages were extremely vulgar or harmful for children. We couldn’t bear with the situation where ad agencies and their advertisers act with impunity and pollute our environment where we live and where we raise our children with totally different values. Therefore,...

Who are we?

Who are we? We come from all over Poland. Most of us settled in greater Warsaw where we work and live. We do or did various jobs: journalists, lawyers, interpreters, marketers. Some of us have a full time job taking care of the family while some others of our supporters are still studying. So we are all different.